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Welcome to BearHug

What is BHug?

  • 501(c)3 nonprofit that sends monthly letters to underserved youth communities 

How did we start?

  • Founder & CEO, Campbell Kinsman, began BHug as a school project in eighth grade 

  • originally BHug served children whose parents are deployed in the military by sending milkids monthly letters during their parents deployment 

  • recently we've branched out to other groups of communities


How can you help?

  • By donating or contributing a handwritten letter! 

BearHug in the Community

  • To the Left: Campbell and Eli at a fundraiser with Vineyard Vines in May 2017!

  • The event was such a huge success that BearHug and VV partnered up again on November 19, 2017 at their Greenwich, New Canaan and Westport locations, and on May 22 3-5.


  • To the right: Campbell reading a story about BearHug to a group of nursery school children.  

bear hug
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