BEARHUG'S NEW GOAL: send 50 letters to the biggest military base in each 50 states

April 2020


Message from Campbell:


Since 2014 BearHug has sent love and encouragement to children of active duty service members. Right now it is crucial for the global community and our nation’s community to support first responders, which include military personnel. In order to amplify our work and assist the nation on a larger scale than ever before. BearHug is taking on a new goal


through these 3 ways:

  • first way, 3 steps:

    • Print out the attached pdf on the "Note to the Children" page (or use blank sheet of paper)

    • Write an encouraging message to families of military personnel 

    • Mail your letter to 202 Gerdes Road, New Canaan, CT 06840 

  • second way, 1 step

    • send a virtual message you would like a first responder family to receive

  • third way, unlimited steps

    • invite others to join the BearHug team​

    • spread awareness by

      • sharing BearHug's Facebook post about the new goal

      • telling, texting, calling friends/ family and informing them of BearHug's new goal